Sunday, 12 June 2011

 new friend with no name

Today I had a barbecue
with four others
then sixth came uninvited
he sat amongst us
and watched
sometimes he stood and walked a little
someone always said sit down so he did
he never spoke
just an occasional mumble
so indistinct it didn’t mean anything
we tried to get a response
we tried names
everyone has a name
Bill, Bob, Chris, Rob, Jake,
no response
Jack, James, Scott, Tom, Merv
he still sat
Carling, Copenhagen, Beer,
well we were having a bbq!
We gave him a burger which he ate with delight
then he went
AAAAndy a voice called 
our new friend
is a dog called ANDY.


Maggie St said...

Your love of all things natural/environmental shines through keep up the good work each new day brings new material for your poems focus.

the cuby poet said...

Hey Maggie. Nice to see you and thank you for your comments. I will just keep on writing.