Monday, 17 October 2011

I am now back in Cornwall. The next few poems I have created from words stored in my head and images collected and placed in my mind's eye while on the journey.

The colour of Skye (Isle of)

the moors and mountains
appear dull at first glance
but wait
look a little closer

dead grass like creamy coffee
heather as plain chocolate
bracken tan
even chestnut
larch on the edge of a wood
bald tea coloured twigs
mountain streams frothy as cappuccino

then there is green

sheep cropped grass as a snooker table
pine forest so dark
flawless bottle green
rhododendron leaves
glossy and unchanged
same green as summer

now grey
mountains in mist
granite the rocks
loch pewter perfection
grey clouds up above

the sun breaks through
loch surface is blue
everything shines
the colours are clear
bright is the light

then it rains
colour obliterated


CherryPie said...

You paint the colours so well with words.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Isn't it good to write from memory. But observing and storing the images in your minds eye are crucial to start with. You would enjoy the colours of our High Country.

PS No Red in there I notice! Thanks for visiting :-)

the cuby poet said...

Cherrypie: Thank you for the comment.

the cuby poet said...

Lady M:The only red would be man made and probably plastic!

Mitch Block said...

CherryPie's comment is so perfect. You DO paint with words. Such beautiful imagery.

the cuby poet said...

Mitch Block: The images are powerful and I hope that I convey that in my words. Thanks for your encouraging comment.

Anonymous said...

"Mountain streams frothy as cappuccino". That is a wonderful description. Enjoyed this view in the mind's eye so much.

the cuby poet said...

upwoods: Everywhere was so beautiful so glad you liked the description. :) Claire