Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Traigh na Beirigh

walking the beach
white gold
 between my boots
shell rich
beautiful strand
long wide and shallow

wild sea today
waves so big
foam blows
spindrift travels
the rollers
powerfully advance

behind this glory
the dunes
this machair
so rich with flowers
a Spring patchwork
scent so heady

a place so precious
it needs love and care
our duty
to the future
generations to come

Traigh na Berie
must be there
for centuries


Mitch Block said...

Such beautifully painted words. I'm there.

the cuby poet said...

This beach on Lewis is unbelievably beautiful so glad that my words enabled you a picture. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I, too, liked this poem.

the cuby poet said...

Hey Yvonne great to see you. Welcome to my blog! I am pleased you liked this poem.