Thursday, 8 December 2011

Book talk – December 2011

another year gone
nine years reading
books of all genres
novels, biography,
travel, classic,

read away from
the comfort zone
literature unknown
broaden horizons
discuss then justify
dissect and applaud

meet in the well room
laughter with lunch
poems shared
listen to choices
Yeats,Thomas, Elliot,
Joseph, Kipling, Steven

Noyes, Dearmer,
H.B. her own words
second to none
sharing these poems
we aren't just a book club
love words for fun

nine years a book club
nine years of pleasure
tenth year is starting
so much to anticipate
treasure each meeting
4th Wednesday Book Club


KaHolly said...

Doesn't it surprise you sometimes how quickly time moves on? Didn't you just blink, and it had been 9 years already? A lovely tribute to an obviously fun and meaningful page in your life's story.

the cuby poet said...

KaHolly: You have read into these words just what I wanted to convey. This group has become important to me and yes where have those nine years gone?!

Doris said...

Have you looked at Fredegonde Shove. Superb stuff. Don't know why I thought of it - must have been something you said!

CherryPie said...

That sounds like a wonderful book club with diverse reading.

I was a member of a book club once, but all the books that were chosen were very samey.

the cuby poet said...

Doris:Never heard of Fredegonde Shove however will go and search it out now.

the cuby poet said...

CherryPie:I started it and I say it myself it is rather fine! - our reading is eclectic and varied I wish you were closer.

Chris Benjamin said...

God bless book clubs. Y'know, I don't think I've belonged to anything for 9 years - I've been too peripatetic until about 4 years ago. But now that my roots are buried, I'll get there yet. Vive le book club, vive!

the cuby poet said...

ChrisBenjamin: Vive la book club de mon village! C'est mon bebe!
I love reading from Voltaire, through Hardy and Chatwin to Yann Martel. I started in one village then moved house about 4 miles and my book club came too.

Roy said...

Its nice to belong Cuby.

the cuby poet said...

Roy:I agree and having good friends to spend time with is spacial too. Claire