Monday, 27 February 2012

Davidstow Moor

Davidstow moor
in blowing sea fret
views all obscured
not much to see

trees all lie parallel
top of the wall
beaten by wind
straight from the West

atmosphere spooky
murder on Rough Tor
1844 Caroline Dymond
ghost here abouts?

one metal giant
standing not marching
appears through the cloud
cows at the feet

Don Quixote's windmills
modern dormant
white metal flowers
materialise then vanish

sheep, lambs, ponies
blurred indistinct edges
soft shadows whispy
on the edge of this cloud

fret getting denser
time to retreat
searching for sunshine
much lower down


Ola said...

reading your poem I can feel the atmosphere of this place

Life and travelling

the cuby poet said...

Ola: It was very atmospheric up there glad you could feel it.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I have read so many books featuring moors. I hope one day to get to visit one. They always seem so romantic.

KaHolly said...

I could easily put myself right there!! Well done.

Al said...

Very nice, it feels very remote and desolate, yet with lots of history.

the cuby poet said...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm: Being on the moors is so weather dependent,romantic one minute then a howling gale the next. A great environment either way.

the cuby poet said...

KaHolly: Thanks for the compliment,glad you liked it.

the cuby poet said...

Al: Just how it is. Pleased you liked it.

Out on the prairie said...

i envisioned the trees with branches on one side, stripped through the ages by wind.

the cuby poet said...

Out on the prairie: Pretty much how they are, the moor has been wind blown for ever!

Mitch Block said...

Atmospheric seems to be the word that comes to mind! I, too, would be retreating lower down for some sunshine too (and fewer ghosts).

the cuby poet said...

Mitch Block: Atmospheric and ghostly but none ever made themselves known!

Nancy Claeys said...

Very powerful! Great poem. :)

the cuby poet said...

Nancy Claeys: Thanks for these words.

Maria said...

"fret getting denser"is a great line. And I hate that word verification too. Finally solved it on my blog by putting in moderation. It worked. The spammers don't come by anymore because they know it is futile, I will just delete them.

the cuby poet said...

Fret there is no other word for this type of fog so add denser to it and it seems to say what I want. Thanks.

Kelly said... it. I've never seen a moor in person, but I picked up the feeling of one in your poem.

the cuby poet said...

Kelly:A moor can be such a wild place hence when the sun shines it is a great place to be but when the rain/snow/fog is down inhospitable is the only description. Glad you got the feeling of this moor.

KaHolly said...

Oooh, I can just sense it, as though I am there. So well done.

the cuby poet said...

KaHolly: So pleased you could join me!

Viola said...

Oh my....!!!! What you can make, stunning!! =O


the cuby poet said...

Viola: Fog hides so much imagination makes the rest!!