Monday, 5 March 2012

Mrs. Pheasant

Mrs Pheasant flaps wings
thinks she is flying
squawks loud and clear.

Seconds later
ascent fulfilled
on top wooden fence.

Appears surprised
confusion on her face
how did this happen? “

Teeters along the wooden strait
ability, talent displayed
what to do now?

Wavers, balance challenged,
places foot by foot
progresses along beam as gymnast would.

Pauses, spreads wings,
stretches body, then neck,
surveys surroundings.

Proudly dismounts,
elegantly, softly descends
to bank below.

Pauses to consider
'I did that well'
or does she?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Mrs Pheasant has such personality, through your words!

Okay, I totally had a laugh over your comment about Henry VIII's portions not fitting in the muffin tins. Awesome.

the cuby poet said...

Lisa @ Two Bear Farm: She has.I know they are quite simple minded but I like to think Mrs.Pheasant has better brains than most!

Ola said...

life dilemas...:)
nice description!

Life and travelling

the cuby poet said...

OLa: Thanks.She is a regular visitor so I feel I can read her thoughts!

Out on the prairie said...

Always nice to be close to this.

the cuby poet said...

out on the prairie: Mrs.Pheasant keeps me entertained!

Ina in Alaska said...

Mrs. Pheasant is spreading her wings! Way to go!

the cuby poet said...

Ina in Alaska: Pheasants always look so hopeful that they might attain great distance and relieved when they have landed after a few metres. Mrs.Pheasant is just the same.

Elaine said...

Clever Mrs Pheasant! I think the females are so much smarter than than the males, well, they are in Lincolnshire! The very beautiful males seem to panic at everything, no grace or elegance there!

the cuby poet said...

Elaine: Not only is she clever she is beautiful too!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hello There, Since I've been away from blogging for a week, I have alot of catching up to do. We had a wonderful trip to Arkansas --but it's great to visit with my blog friends. Hope things are going well with you.

I am always in awe of those who can write so well... I love to write --but am very wordy!!!! Love reading about Mrs. Pheasant!!!!!
Will you please take out your word verification??? Thanks so much!!!

CherryPie said...

I think Mrs Pheasant knew she did well :-)

the cuby poet said...

Betsy from Tennessee: Glad to hear your Arkansas trip was good. I took off WV but had spam trouble so back it came - sorry1? Glad you liked Mrs.Pheasant.

the cuby poet said...

CheriePie:I think so too!

Viola said...

Yes, she did that well-- and so did you! :))

Right, blogger's block, that's ecactly what I had.. and now I'm trying to have a bloggers walk ;D and see what it ends up with.. :)
Thanks a lot for your translation!

Have a lovely week! :)

eileeninmd said...

Cuby, you created a lovely picture in my mind of the pheasant walking the fence like gymnast. Lovley poem. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Al said...

I remember being severely startled by a pheasant when walking along a country lane in Norfolk as a child. Nice poem, thanks for the memories.

The Owl Wood said...

Conjures up pheasants brilliantly! I love the way pheasant are so goofy, perfectly hidden one second and then screeching off in panic the next as though they've just remembered that they can fly a bit.

the cuby poet said...

Viola: Hope your bloggers walk cured your bloggers block! Glad you liked Mrs.Pheasant. :)

the cuby poet said...

eileeninmd: Glad you liked this poem and could see Mrs.Pheasant's antics!

the cuby poet said...

The Owl Wood: They are daft but their beauty lets them get away with their dippyness! Glad you liked this one.

the cuby poet said...

Al: Memories can so easily triggered.
So pleased that you liked this poem.

John said...

A very apt description of a bird that really only flies reluctantly!
I wish I could describe things in such a way!

the cuby poet said...

John: I watched Mrs.Pheasant doing her gymnastics outside my kitchen window this gave me plenty of time to think of the description. Thanks for the comment. So glad you liked it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh that made me laugh, you really captured the pheasant personality there!

the cuby poet said...

crafty Green Poet: Good to know you liked this one and laughed too. Thanks for this.

Viola said...

Hahaha!! I think maybe it's cured, my blogger's block.. ;D

Thank you for telling, and I've linked to your blog (edit)


wow--I just got a very strange and fun code here.. haha

Nancy Claeys said...

They are rather awkward at times. :)

the cuby poet said...

Viola: So good your block has been unblocked! Keep writing/blogging!

the cuby poet said...

Nancy Claeys: But their stupidity can be quite appealing at times and I have grown rather fond of Mrs.Pheasant!

EG Wow said...

Thanks for the smile. I do sometimes wonder what other creatures think. I also wonder if they think the same about us. :)

the cuby poet said...

E G Wow: Sometimes it is really difficult not to put our thinking into the minds of birds and animals, not all the time but Mrs.Pheasant certainly warranted it! Good to know it made you smile!