Thursday, 26 July 2012


elbows on knees
head down, sleeping
or is it just resting?

gazing, staring
at pavement below
thinking, listening

divorced, separated,
brought here
just circumstance

feeling invisible,
feet passing by
voices amplify
solitary existence

picks up bag
strides away
head held high
homeless still proud



Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You make me feel for Bernard.

the cuby poet said...

Lisa@ Two Bears Farm: who wouldn't?

A Quiet Corner said...

Perhaps a hug would usually does!...:)JP

the cuby poet said...

A Quiet Corner: I so agree with you :)

Out on the prairie said...

A nice glimpse into someones thoughts and life

kissa said...

Out on the prairie: It is impossible to try to empathise.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Such moments of emptiness. May he find a better place soon.

the cuby poet said...

Mitchell is moving: That would be good.