Monday, 8 August 2011

Newdowns Head

I sit on the cliffs
and look out to sea
the sky is so blue
royalty blue.

With heather around
a purple so rich
this colour is regal
purple of kings.

Trefoils so small
dotting the heather 
the yellow is bright
droplets of sun.

Rocks that are jagged
scattered around
a grey that is dour
colour of tin.

The sea as I’m watching
is gentle then lively
waves on the surface
now still as a pond
from royalty blue
to the colour of tin.

This cliff that I sit on
is steep to the sea
when all about me
the treasures of nature
bathe me in fortune
for an hour of my life.


CherryPie said...

A lovely place to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature.

the cuby poet said...

It would not be quite the same on a wild winters day! Close to nature then too for sure!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That is lovely, cuby.

Metal Man said...

A colourful , lyrical and uplifting piece. I love it!

the cuby poet said...

Metal Man:These words are so appreciated, thanks.

Chris Benjamin said...

sounds like a fabulous hour - could use one of those myself right now.

Anonymous said...

Picturing myself there with you on the cliff. Look at that treefoil! What magnficence. Thank you for inviting us along.

the cuby poet said...

Hi Chris it was wonderful.

the cuby poet said...

upwoods: it is a place I will go to again but it was so wonderful when I was there I felt the poem which came easily so I wanted to share it.