Thursday, 4 August 2011

To me they mean home.

These are some names
of places in my village.
Mucky lane
which is filthy
then Frog lane
and Mill lane too.
No mill and definitely no frogs.

Fore street
which is wide
and Well street
leading to Well lane
but no well there today.
Gurney Row.
Who was Gurney?

The Square
where the bus come in.
Sand Park
by the old stone bridge.
The Hill
which is so steep.

Kea House,
Cuby House,
Frog House,

Dabbs Hill,
Ruan Lane,
Reskivers Hill,
Cuby Lane.

To you they are words
to me they mean home.


CherryPie said...

We all have our own words that mean home to us.

the cuby poet said...

How right you are!