Monday, 19 September 2011

Kitchen culture

We sat at the table
my friend and me
talked about poetry
poets and words.

We sat in the kitchen
my friend and me
discussed latest books
authors and kindle.

We went to the bookshelf
my friend and me
taking down copies
of books that we loved.

We talked of the theatre
my friend and me
what we had seen
what was to come.

Back at the table
Anna and me
laughing and sharing
a fine conversation.

All this in the kitchen
over coffee or tea.
Kitchen culture!

Just my friend and me!



cuby poet -- Kitchens do have a culture all of their own. They somehow are a gathering place of the friendly. Good words -- barbara

KaHolly said...

The kitchen is always such a warm and friendly place to gather, whether it is just two, or many. I even like to sit in my kitchen to work or read (of course, having the wood stove there helps!). Here in Cape Breton, they have 'kitchen parties', less so now than in the older days, where food and drink is a'plenty and everyone brings their musical instruments. I am told that back in the day, it would consume whole weekends!

the cuby poet said...

barbara - gathering place of the friendly : great phrase. Thanks for your words.

the cuby poet said...

KaHolly - I love sitting in my kitchen I don't have a wood stove there but I do have a big wooden table and a fabulous view excellent for entertaining for coffee/tea and pot luck lunches,
maybe I'll start calling them kitchen parties but probably without live music just a CD!!

Chris Benjamin said...

Yes! Our kitchen is definitely the centre of our house - even when we fill these four walls with dozens of friends everyone gravitates to the sunny kitchen.

CherryPie said...

Kitchens always do seem to attract a gathering of people. People always congregate in mine when I have friends round :-)