Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Full Moon

Full moon tonight
It started white
In a blue sky
Shyly appearing

The sun began to set
Behind the mountains
Leaving rays to show
Where it had been

The moon turned
To gentle orange
Changing light
Mood becomes reflective

Dark enveloped
All land below
Only full moon
With stars so small

This silver light
So cold and hard
Stays majestic
Until the dawn


Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

And of course your full moon is my full moon, but a cloud-shrouded night makes me grateful for your account of it :-)

the cuby poet said...

Lady M.:I am glad that I could share this full moon across the globe with you. :)

Maria said...

Great poem. But the first verse is hands down the best. Really lovely imagery.

the cuby poet said...

Maria:Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment.